Tips for Installing Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are a small but extremely useful item you shouldn’t be without in your home. They come in handy for various household repairs. The grommets can be used to waterproof, cover holes, seal gaps, control noise or act as shock absorbers. You can also use grommets to hold screws in place and protect electrical cables from being cut by sharp metal sheets. Grommets are available in different sizes. The diameter and width varies from one type to another. Rubber grommets are one of the easier types of grommets to install. Below are a few tips to help you make a success of it.


It is vital that you take proper measurements of the object that will be fitted into the grommet. This will enable you to get the right size which is crucial for successful installation. If you need to fill a hole, measure the size of the hole to be filled. If the opening hasn’t been made, you’ll need to cut out or punch holes into the material. Be sure that the holes will accommodate the grommet. Measure the diameter of the object that will pass through the grommet. Make certain that the outer flange of the grommet will fit into the available space. If you’re uncertain of the sizes and have various jobs to undertake, it is best to purchase various sizes. This will ensure that you have a proper fit for each job.


Once you’ve created your openings, it is a good idea to clean round the opening. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt, debris and grease. This will enable the rubber to fit into the opening with ease and more securely. Wipe the objects to be inserted into the grommet as well. Dirt that is captured during installation always has the potential to create bigger problems later on and more maintenance work for you.


First, try and fit one side of the grommet flange into the opening. Push in part of the flange and manipulate it around the edges. Since rubber is flexible, it helps if you bend the grommet as you fit it in. Use a plastic putty knife to push it completely into the opening. You can then insert the necessary item through the grommet hole. For tight fits, it helps if you use some silicone. Before you press the grommet into place, apply some silicone sealant around it. This will help to secure the grommet after the sealant dries. A well fitted rubber grommet should be secure in its opening. A grommet that moves in its opening gives you insecure installations. It also increases maintenance work for you.

Difficult to Insert Objects

You may encounter some difficulty when you have to insert certain objects into the grommet. Slit one side of the grommet with a razor blade or sharp knife. You can then wrap the open grommet around the wire or tubing. Apply some silicone sealant along the cut and press together for a minute. Once it dries it will hold the rubber in place along with the enclosed object.