Tips for Installing Travertine Countertops

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Travertine countertops are constructed from a natural stone that has a porous quality to them. The holes in these tiles can be left open, or they can be artificially filled. For a countertop application, it is best to fill the holes, to prevent food and residue from collecting in them. Use a contrasting grout to fill the holes, to enhance the beauty of the countertop.

Tiling the Front Edge

Use your measuring tape to determine the size of the front edge. Use your wet saw to cut your tiles to fit the edge. Apply mortar to the front edge with a trowel. Begin installing the tiles at the center of the countertop. Position the tiles onto the mortar. Insert spacers between the tiles.

Tiling the Countertop

Beginning at the center, apply mortar to the top of the countertop. Position the tiles into the mortar. Be sure the tiles are even with the front edge. Continue applying mortar and laying tiles, until the countertop is complete. Work from the center to the back and sides. Insert the spacers as you go. Use your wet saw to make any necessary cuts to tiles. Allow the countertop to dry completely.

Sealing the Tiles

Use a paintbrush to apply a sealer to the flat parts of the tiles. Do not seal the holes. Allow the sealer to dry completely.

Grouting the Tiles

Use a trowel to apply the grout to the tiles. Press the grout into the holes on the tiles and into the spaces between the tiles. Wipe off any excess grout from the flat surfaces of the tiles. Allow the tile to dry completely. Apply another layer of sealer to the countertop and allow it to dry thoroughly.