Tips for Installing Truck Camper Shells

red pickup truck with camper shell

Installing a truck camper shell to your truck's bed is a fantastic way to protect any cargo you may be transporting and to keep the bed nice and dry. Fortunately, installing a camper shell can be a fairly simple and stress-free procedure, particularly if you're armed with a helpful set of tips.

So if you've been toying with the idea of installing a truck camper shell on your vehicle, simply read on to learn everything you'll need to know.

Select the Right Camper Shell for Your Truck

Before installing a truck camper shell, make sure to find one that suits your needs. For example, if you own a smaller truck and don't often use its bed to haul cargo, you probably aren't going to need the same kind of camper shell as the owner of a heavy-duty truck whose bed is frequently used as a cargo hold.

The best places to consult with regard to this decision are truck manufacturers, dealerships, and websites that offer consumer testimonials from other truck owners.

Make Some Preliminary Measurements

Before installing, you'll need to make a couple of preparatory measurements. Begin this step by using a tape measure to determine the length and width of your truck's bed, then measure the camper shell you wish to install.

After confirming that your truck's bed and your new camper shell are the same length and width, you'll be ready to continue.

Carefully Put Your Camper Shell in Place

Having confirmed that your measurements line up, it should be safe to begin lifting your camper shell onto your truck's bed. Your new camper shell is liable to be very heavy, so when performing this step, it is strongly advised that you incorporate the aid of an assistant.

Also, before beginning this step, it is a good idea to lower your vehicle's tailgate, thus giving you, and possibly your assistant, some much needed extra space in which to work.

Once your camper shell and your truck's bed are properly aligned and you've made sure that no portion of the camper shell is overlapping the truck's bed, it is safe to move on.

Make Sure to Firmly Clamp Your Camper Shell in Place

Now that your new camper shell and truck bed are perfectly aligned, take care to clamp the camper shell in place with the aid of a socket set and six C-clamps.

Makes sure to clamp both sides of your new camper shell, as well as its four corners, securely in place, thus preventing the camper shell from unexpectedly becoming detached. Lastly, put your tailgate back in its proper place, then try applying force to your newly installed camper shell in order to put its sturdiness to the test.

If the camper shell doesn't budge, you're all set.