Tips for Keeping an Outdoor Water Fountain Clean

An outdoor water fountain makes a nice addition to a backyard or garden. The flow of the water is nice to look at and can also be quite soothing. An outdoor fountain also provides an excellent way to attract birds and other wildlife to your backyard, but keeping it clean requires some regular work. If you do not keep your water fountain clean, you may prevent the availability of clean water to birds. Also, you may notice that the water becomes murky and dirty and the surface of the fountain looks mildewed or dirty. Over time, this will affect its operation. Follow the below tips to keep your outdoor fountain looking its best at all times.

Place the Fountain Away from Heavy Greenery

The best spot for an outdoor water fountain is one where it can be seen and enjoyed to the maximum. If you place it close to heavy shrubbery and trees, it will quickly accumulate fallen leaves, twigs and bird droppings. Keep it in an open spot, but away from the line of traffic.

Replace the Water Every Other Day

To make your cleaning job easier, do it regularly. It is advisable to clean the fountain and to replace the water every other day, at least. This is especially true during seasons when you have birds visiting the fountain on a regular basis.

Consider the Material before Applying Cleaners

Outdoor water fountains are made of different materials such as metal, ceramic or glass, all of which have different cleaning requirements. Before using a commercial cleaner, you must ensure that it is safe on your fountain. If you have the instruction manual, refer to it beforehand. Never use abrasive or harsh cleaning materials on metals such as copper.

Unplug the Fountain and Remove the Pump

Before cleaning the fountain, unplug it and check the footing to ensure that it is steady. If there is a cover, remove it as well.

Clean the Pump Thoroughly

Unplug and remove the pump. Use a soft cloth or old brush to gently scrub away sludge and debris. Rinse the pump and replace it after cleaning the rest of the fountain.

Scrub and Clean the Inside of the Fountain

Keeping in mind the material, select a good cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt and other materials in the fountain. Calcium deposits from the water can be removed effectively with a cleaner such as CLR.

Use Non Toxic Cleaning Chemicals in the Water

To prevent algae formation and to keep the water cleaner, you can use one of several non-toxic chemicals. Some of these are called algae inhibitors, whereas others are known as water clarifiers. Before adding any such material to the water, ensure that it is safe for the animals that use it.

Keep the Pump Submerged at All Times

A submerged pump will accumulate less dirt and can be cleaned easier. Keep the water level constant at all times.

Use Distilled Water

The use of distilled or filtered water is a great option, because it greatly reduces the formation of deposits in the water fountain. This will keep the fountain looking brighter and also reduce the time and effort you have to put in to clean it.