Tips for Keeping Your Portable Bandsaw Lubricated

With the use of a portable bandsaw you can easily create your own lumber from whole trees. Many people today are cutting down their own trees in order to cut lumber from. These trees are either on their own land, or cut down with permission of a landowner. Being able to use the portable bandsaw for creating your own lumber is a great way to save money, or make a second income. One of the most important tasks of using a portable bandsaw is to keep it lubricated so it doesn't burn up the motor or break blades.

Keep Bandsaw Clean

Lubrication is only going to work as good as the cleanliness of the blade. Working with wood means that there is a lot of things that can foul up the saw, engine, or other working parts. This dirt can be in the form of sawdust, small rocks, pitch from the trees, bark, and other debris. The saw should be cleaned after each use and periodically after sawing through several trees.

Use High Grade Oil

In today's world of thinking of ways to protect the environment, it is important to take note of the different types of lubrication that you are using. Cheap oils are not biodegradable enough and can pollute a great deal of land. If your portable bandsaw uses a gallon of oil a week, then that means there is a gallon of oil that is on the ground. Use high-grade oils that breakdown quickly while still keeping the saw blade highly lubricated.

Use Water Instead

One of the ways that people can save on the environment, save money, and still lubricate their portable bandsaw is to simply use a small trickle of water on the blade as it cuts. This helps to keep the blade cooled down while also removing most of the debris and buildup. You will need to occasionally stop the bandsaw in order to clean off some of the larger buildups, but you are still saving with less cost for oil.

Use Vegetable Oil

Another way to keep the portable bandsaw lubricated, especially during colder weather, is to use a vegetable oil-based lubricant. This is environmentally safe while also not susceptible to weather conditions. There are many manufacturers today who are creating this type of saw blade lubricant.

Soap Works Wonders

Many portable bandsaws are working very efficiently with the use of some water and soap solution. This can be any type of dishwashing liquid as well as something like Murphy's Oil Soap. However, to keep costs lowers the dish soap would be a better idea. Used with a mixture of about 5 gallons of water and two cups of soap, this is ideal for both the environment and keeping the blade lubricated.

Different Oil for Different Wood

It is important to note that for each different type of wood, softwood or hardwood, you should use a different type of lubrication. If cutting through hardwood, water works great to keep the blade cool and free from dirt. Softwoods that are heavy with pitch or other debris will benefit from using vegetable oil or a soapy solution when cutting them.