Tips for Making a Copper Garden Fountain

A copper garden fountain.

Copper is one of the most versatile materials. When trying to build your own copper garden fountain, remember that you have a flexible material at hand. Moreover, with copper you can choose between modern and more traditional designs. However, here are a few tips to help you in the task of making your own copper fountain.

Décor Design Styles

Before starting to work on your fountain, you should research décor design styles. Copper fountains go very well in oriental décor and feng shui designs with small pebbles or rocks at the base. This will be especially valuable if you want your garden to have as many peaceful sounds as possible. Moreover, you can choose to have a modern and simplistic decorative piece like a vertical copper sheet positioned on a square base with a copper tube resting at the top of the sheet so that water will trickle from the top of the sheet down to the bottom like a waterfall.

Position and Type

After having decided on your style, you should consider where the fountain will go. You can choose to have a tabletop fountain. It is very easy to use a copper bowl as a fountain base and then add some tea candles for an added romantic feeling. You can add smaller floor fountains as complementary fountains to the one on the table.

Apart from these two types, you can choose to build wall-mounted fountains. However, for this last type of fountain consider the weight of your copper base and top together with the added weight of the water in the fountain. It is important to keep in mind that the wall-mounted fountain will require a very strong mounting. Since copper is very versatile you can choose to have as many different fountains and decorative elements as you wish. So you can consider using circular tabletop fountains, with smaller wall mounted fountains and a vertical copper sheet floor fountain all in one garden.


Once you have settled down the position, style, and type of your fountain you should immediately start sketching up the basic design. This process is only limited by your imagination. Remember that the water pumps can be placed anywhere inside or outside the water fountain. Once your plan is made, you can start searching for your copper pieces and for the water pumps. Do not forget that salvage yards and houses can be a very good source for such items, so check them out.

Tools You Need for Assembly

When you have all your supplies it is time to track down your tools. For fixing up your copper pieces together you might consider using either a drill press or an electric drill. Either one of them will work fine. You will definitely need a good hacking saw with a strong metal shape to be able to properly cut down your copper pieces with a clean result. You also need a vise and screwdrivers to be able to play around with the tubing and pipes. Take good care of your pipes and tubes; do not scratch them. If you have bought your copper from a salvage yard or house you might consider cleaning it before starting to work on it. The easiest way to clean it is to use lemons dipped in salt and gently scrub the copper.

These are the most important tips and considerations you need to look into when thinking of or while constructing a copper garden fountain. Remember that copper is the most flexible material available for such a job, so let your imagination run wild.