Tips for Making a Mosaic Bird Bath Pedestal

A concrete or cement bird bath pedestal is not the most eye pleasing object to have in your garden. However, mosaic decoration can be one of the easiest and finest ways to create visual appeal while having fun. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid some common mistakes.


When it comes to adding mosaic to your concrete bird bath pedestal you first need to carefully create a design. This will only be your starting point because since the pedestal is round your design will not be easily followed to perfection. Thus the design will only act as a guideline. Then you should choose the type of mosaic tile you want to use. The best thing to do is to use broken up floor tiles or broken pieces of pottery that then can be colored to your choice. However, apart from these traditional items you can also use recycled colored glass and sea shells which will definitely add a touch of fun to the whole piece.

Use Mesh Wire As a Base

If you are using a complicated mosaic design you should apply a layer of wire mesh that can be used as your basic layout for the design to fit in. This will definitely simplify the process of transferring the design onto the actual pedestal.

Creating Mosaic Tiles

You can actually create and color your own tiles. You can use tile cutters to create your custom tiles in the desired shape and to the desired size. But you can also break them down with a hammer for a more random effect.

Gluing Mosaic Tiles

For optimal results your tiles should not be placed too far apart especially if they are small. For larger mosaic pieces you can have 1/8inch spacing. You should use a strong glue but only in the right amount. In fact, the best kind of glue is construction adhesive and it should be applied only to the back of each tile. Do not try to create perfection and fit each tile randomly like a jigsaw puzzle. This will create a really beautiful organic effect against the more mechanical feel which might be created by tightly and perfectly fitted mosaic tiles.

Drying Time

It is very important to let mosaic tiles dry for at least 24 hours before trying to apply any grouting or finishing coats. Furthermore, you should give at least 2 days for your grouting to be completely dry.

Applying Grouting and Sealer

Grouting is best applied with a gloved finger and pressed between spaces. To add a touch of fun, you can also use colored grouting. This will definitely add a stronger contrast or edge to the mosaic tiles. Do not use any metal tools to apply grouting because these may scratch the tiles and might not properly seal the spacing between each tile. To remove any leftover grouting on tiles just use a rag. In fact, fresh grouting is also removed very easily with a wet sponge.

After the grouting is dry you should also apply a thin layer of grout sealer onto the whole surface to prevent color fading and deterioration problems from weathering and direct sunlight.

These are the most important tips for making your own mosaic bird bath pedestal. Remember that the only limit in such projects is your imagination. Do not fear to be bold!