Tips for Making the Best House Plans from Pictures

House blueprints with tools and a construction hat

The best house plans can be creating using a mix of many different media. You can draw inspiration from all kinds of different sources. They can include houses you see, plans from architects and even pictures in magazines. Sometimes, pictures can be best, whether they’re from magazines or found online. These can give you great ideas for the best house plans.

Collect Pictures

When you see pictures of houses that you like, keep them. This can mean cutting them out of a magazine or printing from a website. You should always keep a reference as to where you obtained them as you might want to refer back to an article or site.

Before you consider making house plans, amass a good collection of pictures. With a house that particularly captures your attention, see if it’s possible to obtain pictures of several different elevations of the house to see what it looks like from all angles.

To Scale

Once you’ve come up with pictures that you like, you need to see if they can work for you on the lot you will be building on. The best way to do this is to have the pictures magnified or decreased to the scale of your plans. This will let you judge its effectiveness on your lot and from there, you can draw it up among your best house plans.


A picture is fine but you need other details in order to produce the best house plans. You can either enlarge the photos to see as much detail as possible or use the general idea as a springboard for your own ideas. You don’t have to be a slave to what someone else has done. Feel free to adapt as you need.


Go over the photos you like with your architect, who will have a good idea of what will work for you and what won’t (both are important). These factors might affected by terrain, slope, surface soil or several other factors.

From the pictures, you can come up with an adaptation that will work for your location. It might be an approximation of what you’ve seen but it could also end up being an improvement.


You need to be aware of size and dimensions. Pictures of a large house won’t scale down well for a small house on a tiny lot and vice versa. Pick something appropriate for what you have. The style is completely up to you. There are some types of Colonial house, for example, that can work very well on small lots. Of course, you can also recreate elements like bathroom fixtures and rooflines on another house of any size.


When you see a picture of a house that you like, sketch it onto a piece of paper to use as a jumping-off point to create your plans. This way, it’s easy to amend it and go on to create the best house plans for you. This is a great way to use pictures creatively because ideas will automatically occur even as you transfer the lines of the house from the picture to the page.