Tips for Making Your Own Custom Seat Cover

You do not need to have a customized car to have a custom seat cover. Anyone that wants to change the interior of their car or protect their car seats can create a customized cover. This is a great way to let your artistic sensibilities and creativeness out without having to spend a lot of money. There are no limitations when you create customized pieces.


You should get all your ideas out on paper before starting. Sketch them out. Even if you are not a good drawer, this can help you to see what the final product will be. Things can look a lot different once you put them down on paper than they do in your head.


Make sure your measurements are correct. When cutting out fabric you actually want to go a little larger than the measurements if you are unsure. Not all car seats come in square designs so you may have to make several width measurements. The car seat cover may need to be tapered as you get to the head rest. As with anything make sure your measurements are right before you make any cuts.

The Fabric

While you can technically make car seat cover out of any material you do want the cover to be durable. Very delicate fabrics will easily tear or stain. Look at using materials that are stain resistant and can handle tough use. Upholstery fabric is a good choice.


You should not limit yourself to the colors and fabric prints on material. There are plenty of fabric paint and other decorative items that can be applied to your cover. You can easily paint on flames or stars and moons if you so desire. Just make sure the paint or marker is permanent and will not rub off on anyone that sits on the seat.

Have it Professionally Done

You can design your own car cover and save it on your computer and then have a company create the customized piece for you. This can be a good idea if you do not know how to sew or have the cash to spare. There are many companies that offer customized services and they can help you if you are having trouble coming up with your own design.

Your Car

While you may have some great ideas for car seat covers make sure they fit with the look and feel of your car. If you are driving an elegant vehicle then a cover that has flames all over it will completely clash. Think about what art or objects you like and see how they could be incorporated. Look into using color and how the seat covers will fit in with your car.

3D Examples

If you are making your car seat cover yourself, do not be afraid of making a mistake. Many times making a mock-up of the process can help you determine what will look best. There is computer software that can produce a 3d image of what your cover will look like. If you are planning on spending a lot of money, a visualization will help assure your money isn't wasted.