Tips for Mending a Slow Screen Door Closer

When the screen door closer is not working properly, it can cause the door to either slam shut or close too slowly. The problem can usually be fixed with some simple adjustments, or a new closer. However, before you go out to buy a new replacement closer, here are some tips for mending your slow screen door closer.

Check Adjustment Screw

Many times this is the problem. Look at the cylinder of the screen door closer for a small screw in the middle of it. Use a screwdriver to turn the screw counterclockwise to loosen the tension within the cylinder. This will allow the door to close faster. 

Change Rod Hole

The hole that the closing rod is set in may also need to be adjusted. Move the rod to a closer hole so that the tension that is already on the cylinder will pull the door shut faster. 

Grease Cylinder

Sometimes the only adjustment needed is for a little bit of grease to work its way into the cylinder. Some machine grease will work great, but some silicone lubricant will not dry out quickly and can penetrate the cylinder much easier. 

Remove Door Stop 

On a screen door closer there is a small tab at the rear of the pneumatic cylinder that is used to keep the door open. Remove this tab if it is sticking and causing the door to close slowly.