Tips for Metal Storm Window Repair

When a storm window needs a repair, you can do it yourself without spending much money. After all, it is a well known fact that a strong metal storm window can last for many years and require very little maintenance.

Get Proper Tools

Before trying to repair the metal storm window, you must have the necessary tools handy. You will require the sliding locks, weather stripping, and corner keys. Additionally, you will need cleaning cloths, garden hose, steel wool, primer, soft and stiff bristle brushes, trim paint, awl, track cloth, chisel, silicone spray and a caulking gun. You will also require a glazing to replace.

Take Proper Precaution

When replacing the window panes of a metal storm window you should wear gloves in case the broken glass gets away from you. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from small pieces of glass that could fly into your eyes.

Also, be careful about the type of primer you are using. Do not follow the salesperson blindly; buy a one which is specifically made for galvanized metal, as it may not bind at all otherwise.

Paint Carefully

When painting, ensure that you do not paint the channels. After all, you want a smoothly running window. Also, be sure to clean the vent holes of any paint once you paint the frames.