Tips for Painting Copper Gutters

Copper gutters, and other metal gutters, pose a problem when the owner wants to paint them to match the rest of the house’s exterior. If paint is applied directly to the copper gutters, then it will soon start to peel, so here are few tips on how to solve this problem:

Clean Gutters

Ensure that your copper gutters are clean and shiny. If they are brand new then they are likely to be clean and shiny, however if they have been up for a while, and you are only now deciding to paint them, then they will need to be treated.

Get Rid of Tarnish

Treating copper gutters will get rid of tarnish. If they are only slightly tarnished, then use a metal polish, however if your copper gutters are severely tarnished then you will need to use acid etch to rid yourself of the problem.

Use Metal Primer

In order to get the paint to stick, you need to use a 2 part metal primer, the first part will bond to the copper gutters, and the second part will bind to the primer. Also, make sure the primer you are choosing is suitable for outdoor use.


For painting, using an undercoat and then the color coat will give a cleaner finish. Applying a waterproof top coat will make the paint last longer on your copper gutters.