Tips for Painting Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

If you purchase unfinished kitchen cabinets with a view to placing your own personal stamp on them, you may already have a fair idea of what you will do. However, sometimes, people buy unfinished cabinets because of an impulse purchase. Unfinished cabinets are usually considerably cheaper, making a kitchen remodel far more affordable.

Finishing the Cabinets

One idea for painting cabinets is to give them a spackled look to appear like natural stone. It can totally transform the appearance of the cabinets, making them look heavier, more robust and extremely old. It is a clever idea which you can implement in a few stages, if you purchase a spackling kit.

Glossy Look

You can opt for metallic aluminum sheeting to cover your cabinets to give them a futuristic and contemporary look. Stainless steel is a firm favorite with kitchen designers and there are many choices available. Using a strong, bonding glue you can adhere the stainless steel or aluminum sheets to the outside of the cabinets.


You can also choose from various laminated sheets similar to Formica. It comes in many colors, styles or patterns and is applied in the same way as the aluminum sheets. You can give your cabinets the finish of your choice.