Tips for Protecting Boxwoods in Winter

Protecting your boxwoods from severe winter weather is a must. In areas where it freezes you will need to screen the shrubs and protect the foliage from the elements. You may not want to take the time to protect your boxwoods or you may feel that the winterizing detracts from your home's curb appeal. However, not doing so can result in more time and money spent restoring your landscape when winter is over.

Evergreen Boughs

Surrounding your boxwoods with evergreen boughs is a way that you can cushion your plant from high winds and freezing temperatures. You will need to layer them at least two branches deep and will need to secure the boughs around the bush to keep them from falling off. Once they are in place you do not want to have to readjust them as they might have a tendency to let go of their needle with needless tampering.

Blanketing Your Boxwood

It is suggested that you use a tree bag or burlap material to cover your boxwood. Wrap the entire plant in it and tie it at the base of the bush. You may choose to also wrap some cording around the whole bush for areas with very high winds. Make sure to use a very breathable fabric so that you do not suffocate it.

By protecting your boxwood from winter storms you will help to ensure its survival for another year to come.