Tips for Quieting a Noisy Motorcycle Exhaust

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A motorcycle exhaust can generate a great amount of noise which can be irritating for riders and other motorists alike. This noise could result in you getting pulled over by the police and issued a ticket as well as a being served with a notice to get your exhaust sorted out. There are many different ways you can silence your exhaust for a more pleasurable biking experience.


One reason for excess motorcycle exhaust noise is a loose exhaust pipe. This will cause a very loud rattling noise which can be easily solved. Tighten all nuts and bolts which hold the exhaust pipe into place and you should find that the amount of noise has reduced.


Check your exhaust pipe for leaks, which can produce large whistling noises in the exhaust pipe. Use exhaust putty to fix any leaky areas as this will solidify and form a strong barrier over any cracked areas. This will significantly reduce noise and prolong the life of your motorcycle exhaust.

New Muffler

Consider buying a brand new exhaust muffler. This will absorb and distribute engine noise in a much quieter way. Mufflers can become rusted and ineffective over longer periods of time so there will be nothing masking the loud sound of the motorcycle engine.