Tips for Reading Your Car's Ohmmeter

An ohmmeter is designed to measure the level of resistance in electrical circuits. They can help a careful user to detect early problems with the electrical system in the car. You use an ohmmeter in the car exactly the same way that they can be used with any other electrical device. It is always handy to have a few tips, reading and understanding the messages on your ohmmeter.

Find Your Car's Correct Reading

Before you begin using the Ohmmeter, it is a good idea to check in the owner's manual, and find out exactly what kind of resistance your electrical circuit should be providing. The resistance level of your car will differ, according to the make and type of vehicle, so you need to know what is right for your machine.

Get the Right Setting

Checking the reading on your Ohmmeter will not be successful, if you don't set it to the right value for your car. You should have a dial which will vary the settings between around 200 to 2 million. You will probably want a very low range, somewhere between 200 and 2000 ohms. You should then be able to read off the correct resistance from the screen on the Ohmmeter.