Tips for Refinishing Crobels and Brackets

Corbels and brackets have decorative architectural as well as functional features. In a home, they are used for weight-bearing or only as ornamental decorations. The brackets are angled support of carved wood, stone or made of plaster and add to the beauty of a room. The attractive wood brackets and corbel become a focal point. Brackets for bookshelves also serve as eye catching bookends. Decorative carved wood corbels also provide an attractive environment. Finishing and reinstalling the corbels and brackets may further enhance the appearance of your home. Here are a few tips for refinishing wooden corbels and brackets.


Remove the brackets and corbels from wall by removing the screws or taking them out from hooks. Dip them in thinner to strip of all the old flaked paint. Use a soft wire brush to remove paint layers.

Sanding the Surface

Sand the surface with sand paper and using a sanding flap wheel mounted on a power hand drill.


Fill any major dents on holes on surface with wood filler. Sand the surface to make it smooth. Let it dry. Apply a thin coat of wood primer with a brush or a sprayer. Allow it to dry. Next, take the light brown paint and spray it over the surface. Take some dark brown paint and a pointed hair brush. Paint the grooves in carvings of brackets and corbels so that these are highlighted while the projected portions remain light brown. Wipe off any spread or spilled dark brown paint from surface. Let it dry. Finally coat a layer of clear lacquer and allow it to dry. Reinstall the brackets and corbels in the room.