Tips for Removing and Replacing a Truck Grill

If your truck grill is damaged or you're wanting a new look for the front of your vehicle, you may want a few tips before starting the whole process. Make sure you have the proper equipment and dedicated space to work on your truck. 

Removing the Grill

The parking lights must be removed before the grill can be taken out. There will be around ten screws that hold the grill to the front of the truck. A few of the screws will be located where the parking light was and near the radiator. Slowly, but with enough force, remove the grill and watch for anything that may still be attached so as not to damage any part of your truck. 

Installing the New Grill

Make sure to install any lights that are located within the grill before you put the new grill back onto your truck. Lights and harnesses must be kept out of the way so they don't get pinched or damaged when the new grill is put in place. The new grill should snap into place if it's the proper make and model. It's important to keep track of the number of bolts you removed so that you can put them all back into the new grill. After screwing back in the parking lights you will be able to enjoy the new grill installed on your truck.