Tips for Removing Vinyl Picture Windows

When it comes time for you to remove vinyl picture windows, there are a handful of things that you will need to know. In order to successfully remove these windows, you are going to need to have the necessary materials and know a few tips and tricks. Many people underestimate the work that this entails and are therefore not adequately prepared for the task at hand.

Prepare Your Glass

Before you attempt to remove the glass, you are going to need to make sure that you prepare it. If you do not prepare the glass for removal, it could end up shattering and putting you and others at risk for injury. In order to prevent this you will need to get out your duct tape and criss cross the panes of your glass with it.

Glass Removal

Once you have the glass ready to be removed, you will need to get all of the trim pried off. Make sure that you aren’t too rough with the pieces that can easily be reinstalled. From there you can cut along the edges of your window using your utility knife. This will help to get the seal of the paint or the caulk broken.

Exterior Preparation

You are then ready to get the exterior siding removed from the windows. Make sure to work up from the bottom when you are doing this. The nails will need to first be exposed then removed. Get the siding set aside and make sure to do as little damage as [possible to the pieces you plan to reinstall. Use your cat’s claw to take out the nails that are holding your window in place and then take out the window.

New Window Installation

You will need to make sure that your new window is going to fit in the opening that you already have. The best way for you to do this is to simply put your new window into the actual opening and see if it fits once it is squared. Some enlargements may need to be cut so that the window can fit. Get your metal flashing installed in the top corners so that there is no moisture that will be able to get in. Make sure that the window is plumb and square and sits level once you have it put into place. If it is not, then the window may not be able to work properly.

Temporary Hold

Slide your shims however you need to into place so that the window can be in the position it needs to be in. You will need to have your window screwed in just temporarily while you secure your shims. If there are any gaps, then stuff them with fiberglass insulation so that the windows will be as energy efficient as possible. From there you can begin to reattach the trim and the siding. Make sure that you use an exterior caulk to use around the exterior part of the window.