Tips for Repairing Your Bath Cabinet Mirror

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Bath cabinet mirrors play in an important part in our everyday routine. If the mirror starts to wear or breaks, it should be corrected sooner rather than later. Here are some simple tips that will make the repair easier.


Old mirrors can wear down, causing dark spots to form on the reflective surface. If the mirror itself is in good condition, it may be more cost effective to re-silver the mirror. You can purchase new mirror backing and cut it to size. Place the new silver backing on the back of the mirror, then use the included chemicals to deposit apply the silver. This process usually involves using caustic and dangerous chemicals. Carefully follow the directions in the silver kit.


If the surface of the bathroom mirror has a lot of scratches or dings, adding new silver will just make them more noticeable. Replace the mirror itself removing the frame. Most bath cabinet mirrors can be unhinged to remove the mirror face, then you can remove the frame. Take the old mirror to a home improvement store to have a new mirror cut to match.