Tips for Restoring an Old Wood Banister

Restoring an aged wood banister back to its former glory can be a complicated task because of the richness in details of many designs. Just stripping the old stain and finish can take up most of your energy but if done successfully, the restoration will improve the overall appearance of your banister. It will also allow you to have a different wood paint or stain color, which will match the other renovations you have done around the house.

Products to Use

Restoring a wood banister will require a chemical stripper to remove the initial coating. Then shellac or lacquer thinner must be applied to clear the smaller details of the design. You will also need to buy a wood bleach to remove blemishes and stains which might have accumulated through the years. You will also need a stain or paint and a clear sealer to protect it.

Stripping and Staining

The messiest part of the project is the stripping job because you will have to deal with the toxicity of the chemicals that will be used to remove the old coatings of the banister. Apply the stripper only on areas you can work on since you cannot remove them once they are dry.

Bleach any stain or blemish on the wood and apply the stain on the wood banister. If it is a fast drying stain, wipe up any excess promptly to avoid paint runs. You can then apply a sealer to protect your stain.