Tips for Safely Cleaning the House While Pregnant

Cleaning the house is often a necessity for pregnant women who want their home to be as clean as possible when the baby arrives. This may be a good form of exercise, but keeping in mind the fragile state of a pregnant woman, there are several precautions to consider before undertaking a cleaning project.

Consult Your Gynecologist Regularly

Before doing anything physically strenuous, you must ensure that your state of health is good enough. Get regular check-ups at your doctor’s office. Follow any advice to rest your body. In such cases, have someone else do the cleaning for you. You can always do the planning and coordination so you can still get the results you want.

Avoid Strenuous Cleaning Tasks

Never overwork yourself in the process of cleaning the house while pregnant. Avoid stretching too far or reaching out to clean nooks and corners with poor ventilation. Only perform cleaning chores that you are comfortable doing. Any time you feel tired or out of breath, stop and take a break.

Never Work on Elevated, Unsteady Surfaces

In the process of cleaning, it may be tempting to reach out and clean everything in sight. You can do so, but only if you are standing on the floor, which is a steady surface. Never stand or chairs, stools or tables in an attempt to clean higher areas. For this purpose, you can use cleaning brushes with extensions that give you a longer reach. Standing on unsteady elevated surfaces can lead to falls, which must be avoided at all costs during pregnancy.

Ensure Good Ventilation

Whenever you set about cleaning your home, you must leave a few windows open to let in some fresh air. This way, you can get rid of any fumes or odors from cleaning products and also get in clean air to breathe in.

Wear Protective Gear

Before cleaning, you must wear thick gloves, a respiratory mask and protective clothing. Cleaning products can be absorbed into your body by way of fumes or when they get on the skin. You can avoid this by dressing protectively before you commence cleaning.

Use Safe Cleaning Products

Avoid using toxic cleaners that are available in common stores and supermarkets. Some of the most dangerous cleaners are bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, air fresheners and most other commercial items. You can purchase safe, green cleaners at organic stores. Doing this will keep you and your baby safe and also help in saving the environment.

Always Have Someone Nearby

If you are cleaning your home when pregnant, always ensure that there is someone nearby who can offer you assistance when you need it. No matter how fit you feel in the beginning, you may feel weak, tired or nauseous after doing some cleaning. In such a case, it is always better to have someone close by.

Make Your Own Cleaners

There are several items in the household pantry that are effective, safe cleaning agents. Use pure soap, vinegar, salt, lime juice, baking powder or borax to make your own cleaning products. You can save money while keeping your baby safe in the process.