Tips for Scattering Epoxy Paint Chips

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A great way to improve the look of your concrete floor is by applying epoxy paint chips. The chips create a speckled or flake-like appearance in your floor. You paint your floor with a base coat of epoxy paint in the color you choose. You then apply the chips into the last coat of your base epoxy paint. You apply a clear topcoat after you scatter your paint chips to seal the floor and give it a glossy finish. The epoxy paint chips can be spread very heavily to cover the floor or scattered more lightly. You should consider these tips when you are planning to paint your floor.

Scattering Techniques

There are a couple of ways epoxy paint chips can be scattered. The first is to scatter the chips as you are painting your last coat. Get a hand full of chips and shake them out between your spread fingers, almost like you would shake a pair of dice. Sprinkle them lightly at first and then go over the area, again and again, sprinkling lightly to build up the chips to the consistency you desire. You can also have a second person sprinkling the chips and you roll the paint. It is easier if you imagine sections on your floor and stop every section dust your epoxy paint chips. If you are worried that you might not do this right, you can always practice spreading your epoxy paint chips on a tarp until you feel comfortable with the process. When using this method, make sure the paint chips don’t flutter where you haven’t painted yet. You will have spots where the paint doesn’t stick to the floor.

The second technique is a bit different. You will need a leaf blower. Paint the entire floor with your last coat of base paint. Stand at the edge of your floor with your leaf blower. Grab a hand full of chips and toss them into the wind created by your blower. This will scatter the chips on your floor. Keep doing this until you get the consistency of paint chips you desire. Again if you don’t feel comfortable, you can practice on a tarp.

Amount of Chips

Most of the time when shopping for epoxy paint chips, you will find they come in a kit complete with etching, epoxy base paint, epoxy clear topcoat, and of course your epoxy paint chips. The problem with kits is making sure you have enough paint chips to cover your floor. Before you go shopping, decide on how you want your floor to look. Do you want a heavy application of chips or a very light application of chips? Also, you need to measure the square footage of the floor you are going to paint. A good rule of thumb is to calculate one bag of epoxy paint chips for every 250 square feet of the floor for a light sprinkle. Two bags for a medium sprinkle and so on.