Tips for Selling a Used Motorcycle

Selling your motorcycle may appear to be a relatively straightforward process. Simply place an advertisement with a photo in you local paper. However, devising an effective strategy for selling your motorcycle will help in securing a faster transaction as well as making sure you get the best price possible.

Tip 1 – Organize Paperwork

Before placing any advertisements ensure you have all the correct paperwork together. As well has having the current registration documents and pink slip, you will also need to have a buyer's and seller's declaration on hand. This particular piece of paperwork can be obtained from your local Department of Licensing. Some states will allow you to download the relevant documentation from their web site.

If you have had your motorcycle regularly serviced, make sure that any documents and receipts are included with the sale. This shows a potential buyer that your motorcycle has been cared for and should be mechanically reliable.

Tip 2 – Have the Motorcycle Serviced

A thorough service before placing your motorcycle for sale will show potential customers that the sale, and the bike itself, are important to you. Make sure that the chain is correctly adjusted and lubricated and replace any faulty items such as worn tires and broken trim. The cost of these replacements can usually be passed on to the buyer who will be more than happy to have a machine that can be ridden away without having to spend additional money.

Tip 3 – Cleaning

A detailed clean-up before advertising should help. A thorough wash and wax will help the motorcycle gleam while excessive rust or corrosion should also be removed from chrome using wire wool or a specialist treating agent. Remember to treat vinyl seats as well for a completely professional finish.

Tip 4 – Photographs

A good photograph will attract potential buyers. Try to take pictures on a sunny day with the light source directly behind you. This will produce photographs of your motorcycle looking at its best. Make sure that the background is free of clutter or distractions.

Tip 5 – Effective Pricing

Get the price right the first time to avoid the cost of having to advertise a second time. Using online resources such as Kelly’s Blue Book or NADA should help you establish a fair price for your motorcycle. Check advertising resources for similar motorcycles and see what prices other owners are looking for.

Always try to sell the machine as standard. Additional items rarely add much value to a motorcycle and you may find that you’ll make better money selling custom seats or performance pipes separately.

Tip 6 – Placing an Advertisement

Talk to other motorcyclists who have sold their motorcycles in the past and find out where they had the greatest success. Specialist magazines are always a good option and are likely to be read by more interested parties.

Remember to get value for money in the advertisement by making sure photographs are included in the price and the word count is long enough for you to describe the motorcycle sufficiently. If you cannot fit all of the features into an advertisement, remember to add ‘and much more…’ to keep potential buyers interested.