Tips for Sewing an Armrest Cover

An armrest cover can be used to protect the current armrest. It can be used to cover up any damage or stains. Historically there have been many different types of armrest covers, such as runners, scarves and doilies. However, these are not really appropriate for a car. Instead you want something durable and stain resistant that can take a lot of wear and tear, as most individuals use their car frequently. To keep costs low, you can easily sew your own. The following are some tips you can use to help create your own cover.

Tip 1 - The Material

There are several different types of material you can use. For cars it can be best to use vinyl. You may even be able to find matching vinyl or leather to your current car interior. No matter what you choose, you want it to be durable and very difficult to stain.

Tip 2 - More Comfort

You can add some cushioning to your armrest by putting foam underneath the cover. This can provide some extra padding and make a very soft armrest. There is no additional sewing to do this as you cut the styrofoam and then place the armrest cover over it.

Tip 3 - The Design

When you create the design, you want to take into consideration where the main seam will be. It is best to sketch everything out first and then develop the sewing plan. If you are unsure of where to place seams then look at the current armchair and see where there is any sewing or folding. This is an indication that you will need a seam, a cut or tuck in those places.

Tip 4 - Make the Pattern

You can make your own pattern by using paper and placing it against the current armrest. Draw the surface and then add a few inches out as you need to make allowances for sewing.

Tip 5 - No Sewing Machine

If you do not have a sewing machine then do not worry. You can still create your own armrest slipcovers without sewing a stitch. There are several no stitch adhesives that you can use in place of sewing. Just make sure that you get an adhesive that works on the type of material you have chosen. A sewing machine can be an expensive purchase and if you only need it for this one project then it is not worth the investment. You can also think about using Velcro for the cover as well.

Tip 6 - Save the Pattern

If you are hard on your car then you want to save your arm rest cover pattern and instructions. This way should you need to make another armrest cover you will have the hard part completed.  If you do a lot of sewing then start building up your own records.

Tip 7 - The Seam

Many inexperienced sewers get in trouble because they sew the seam too fast. You want to sew the seam slowly guiding the material with your hands. This way you will create a straight seam.

Tip 8 - The Needle

If you are using very tough fabric, such as leather or vinyl then you will need a special type of needle. You can break a normal needle as it is not designed for such sturdy material.