Tips for Sewing Bench Seat Covers

The main function of car and truck bench seat covers are to protect the seat. These covers can add life to your car seats so you do not have to replace them. Buying or making your own car seat covers is an easy and affordable way to protect the seats. Bench seats are much easier to cover than bucket seats and you can easily pick up some inexpensive but sturdy material and make your own.

The Material

You want to use sturdy material to protect your seats from normal wear and tear. While there are many lovely fabrics, upholstery fabrics are the best as they are sturdy and also comfortable. Check the scraps or ends of bolts for discount fabric as you can find a great deal.

The Seams

It is best to cut the fabric and fold it over the padding so there are only 3 seams to sew. The front of the cushion will be seamless. You should pin all of your seams before sewing to ensure that everything matches up. To get the cleanest crease you iron the folded seams. As you sew the seam you can remove the pins.

Use Velcro

A very easy way to secure seat covers is to use Velcro instead of buttons or zippers. Make sure there is enough fabric so your Velcro strips can overlap.

Use Padding

If your current car or truck bench seats are not overly comfortable then you can add padding to the seat covers. This is quite easy and can offer additional protection. The best type of cushioning are upholstery foam as this will be soft but durable.


It is important that you measure everything properly. If in doubt, measure everything twice. It is also best to cut the fabric a bit big. You can then easily trim away any excess fabric when you are sewing the seams. It is easier to cut away fabric then to have to sew additional seams because the seat cover pieces are too small.

Velcro or Elastic

You can use Velcro for removable covers. This is very easy and convenient if you only use your seat covers part of the time, such as when storing sporting gear or hunting. Elastic is best when you want the cover to stay in place on a permanent basis. Using elastic can be a bit tricky as you will need to pleat the corners and applying the elastic does take a bit of skill.

Get a Pattern

If you are not confident sewing the covers based on your measurements then find a pattern. You can find a sewing pattern for just about everything and they include measurements and step by step directions. Seat covers are very easy items to sew so you can make it in a very short time with little difficulty.

Go Slow

If you are not a regular sewer then do not rush. Sewing a seam is not hard but if you rush it or do not pin things properly you will have to unpick the seam and start over again. Unpicking a seam will take a long time so it is worth it to make sure everything is correct the first time.