Tips for Sewing Bucket Seat Covers

You can make your own bucket seat covers to save money, personalize your car and make your seats last years longer. To ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, consider the tips below regarding fabric types and colors, measuring to fit and sewing the seat covers.

Seat Cover Material

If you are making bucket seat covers for a truck, use a heavier material. Vinyl or leather will be suitable since it can hold up with more durability against  regular wear and tear. For a car, you can use leather or vinyl material or a softer fabric such as terry cloth. Terry cloth covers keep skin protected from hot seats in the summer and maintain warmth in the winter.

Any material you choose will need to have a little stretch to it. Ensure that the surface of the material will be comfortable on bare skin.

Sewing Skills

You will use a sewing machine to make your seat covers, so it will help to be familiar with the process of sewing and have some basic skills. This will help you design and style your seat covers and ensure that they fit properly. For this project, you will be using skills such as folding, pinning, darts, marking and cutting.


You can measure the car seat as your pattern. If it is a particularly complicated shape, you can use paper to make the pattern by cutting out a piece for each section of the bucket seat. When using this method, allot at least 1½ inches of extra fabric around the ends for sewing. Optionally, you may be able to find patterns for bucket car seats or covers at your local fabric store.

Before you buy any type of material, measure the dimensions of the seats. To ensure accuracy, measure twice.

Sewing the Fabric Together

Mark the fabric and the lining according the dimensions you measured. Make sure when you sew the fabric together, you are sewing the wrong sides to each other (sew them inside out). You will flip it right side out after it has been sewn.

Fit the Bucket Seat Covers

After you have sewn your bucket seat covers, fit them on the seats. Make sure they are stretched so they have a neat appearance.