Tips for Silencing an RV Water Pump

When you cannot silence your RV water pump it can ruin your camping trip. An RV is such a luxury to have outdoors. It is hard to relax and enjoy yourself with a noisy water pump. These tips will ensure you a good night’s sleep on your trip.

Install an Accumulator

An accumulator is a storage unit that can be installed to hold water under pressure. This will help the pump accommodate all the water usage in the camper. This will keep the pump from vibrating as much and take the noise problem out of the equation.

Fix Rattling Pipes

Another thing that could be making a lot of noise is water pipes that are rattling. These are an easy fix; all you need is some foam pipe insulation. Have one of your camping buddies turn on and off one of the faucets while you walk around and find the exact location of the rattle. You can then put the insulation over the pipe and seal the open slit with duct tape.

Adjust Cycle

Something that can contribute to a noisy water pump is the pump turning itself on and off at a rapid pace. This can cause vibrating and produces a lot of noise. To check for this problem, simply turn on the water very low and see how long it takes to cycle. If the time it waits is not longer than a couple of seconds then you should turn the screw until the pump returns to the correct wait time. This should eliminate the noise from your noisy RV water pump and you can go back to roasting marshmallows.