Tips for Stair Safety

stair safety

Creating a safe home environment is important. Stair safety can be rated as one of the more important safety factors for your home, particularly if you have children and elderly adults. To provide greater safety on stairways, follow the seven tips below.

Don’t Hurry

Remind everyone that walking carefully and moving slowly up and down the stairs will help prevent accidents.

Pay Attention

While traversing steps, pay attention to each step so that you have a clear view of it. When carrying heavy, cumbersome loads up or down stairs, watch where you’re going or ask for assistance.

Use Well Lighted Steps

Make sure the steps in your house, whether inside or outside, are well lit.

Use a Stair Gate

If you have very small children, make sure you have a gate at both the bottom and top of the stairs.

Provide Handrails

Be sure to provide handrails for your stairs.

Avoid Leaving Clutter

Always make sure that there is no clutter, such as shoes, books, or toys on your stairs.

Avoid Using Rugs Near Stairways

Avoid placing rugs at the top of the stairs to prevent people from tripping and potentially falling down the staircase.