Tips for Teak Flooring Maintenance

Teak flooring is popular for its pleasant look and also for the fact that it requires relatively little maintenance. This is especially the case when the teak has been properly sealed. Here are a few basic tips to take into account when it comes to teak flooring maintenance.

Preventive Measures

As with any other wooden floor, the more it is used, the more it will wear away. Try to care for it by applying some basic preventive measures such as placing mats and attaching pads or coasters to the legs and bases of furniture items.

The Color

In order to avoid discoloring, close curtains and blinds if direct sun rays fall onto the teak floor for long hours every day.

Spillages and Stains

If any spillages occur, make sure to wipe them away as quickly as possible. As a precaution, it is best to avoid food and drinks from being consumed in rooms where there is a teak floor. However, if any spills or stains occur, you need to be prepared. Be acquainted with the best way to clean particular stains. It is also important to have suitable cleaning products stored away at home just in case. Whatever cleaning product you try to use, make sure to apply it according to the instructions and test it on a small, unnoticeable area first.

Regular Cleaning

You will need to sweep the teak floor regularly, ideally using a soft broom. Vacuuming should be avoided. Wipe the floor with a soft, damp cloth or mop regularly. Do not apply too much water.


From time to time you may wax the teak floor to give it some additional shine, but do not do this often. If you clean using simple methods as described above, while applying some preventive measures, your teak floor will look pleasant nonetheless.