Tips for Tying a Clouser Minnow

A Clouser Minnow is one of the most popular types of fishing lures currently in use. While they can be a bit tricky to tie, the process can be made considerably simpler with the aid of a few helpful tips.

Make Sure the Hook is Nice and Steady

One of the keys to successfully tying a Clouser Minnow, as well as many other fishing lures, is to make sure your hook is completely still and steady. If you have trouble holding the hook steady unassisted, simply place it in a tying vice. This will ensure that your hook stays completely still throughout the tying process.

Secure the Minnow with Dumbbell Eyes and White Bucktail

Dumbbell eyes and white bucktail are essential tools in successfully tying a Clouser Minnow. Using 8 or more strands of a resilient thread-wrap, attach a pair of dumbbell eye to the shank of your fishing hook. Next, use some white bucktail to tie the minnow to your hook, making sure to carefully position it in front of the dumbbell eyes.

Take Additional Precautions

Once you've secured your Clouser Minnow to a fishing hook, it's important to make sure that the lure remains firmly in place. To do this, wrap 6 strands of chartreuse bucktail or Flashabou around the lure to ensure that it doesn't unexpectedly become detached from the hook.