Tips for Using a Drywall Lift

The drywall lift is a tool or piece of equipment meant to help you when erecting walls or ceilings. This makes it easier for just one person to build ceilings quickly and safely. Using a drywall lift also reduces the risk of strains or injuries. Here are a few tips to help you operate it.

Combine with a Panel Lifter and Roller

When you’re using a drywall lift chances are you are on your own and need help placing the panels on the lift. To make things easier, use a panel lifter to place the drywall on the lift and a panel roller to haul them around.

Adjust the Support Arms to Your Needs

A drywall lift comes with adjustable support arms. This makes it easier to fit them to your needs and specifications. If you’re working with small or oddly shaped pieces of drywall you can even customize the lift arms by adding a pair of 2x4s perpendicular to them. Hold them in place using duct tape.

Use the Locks on the Wheels

Drywall lifts come with wheels to help you move it around when needed. Whenever you’re doing the actual lifting however, these wheels should not be moving. Use the locking feature when you’re lifting a panel up to prevent this. Unlock the wheels when you’ve finished and are ready to move the drywall lift to a new location.