Tips for Using a Foxglove in Companion Planting

Tips for using a Foxglove in companion planting will make your other flowers stand out and not get lost when combined with your Foxgloves. Foxgloves are a showy flower that come in white, shades of pink, purple and lavender. Choosing the right flowers to plant with Foxgloves is not difficult, if you keep in mind that color, shape of the flower, and size of the plant are the primary considerations when selecting them.

Good Companion Plants for Foxgloves

Good companion plants for foxgloves are: Snapdragons, Zinnias, Phlox, Nicotiana, Lobelia, Cornflower, Dianthus, and Portulaca. The blue color of the Lobelia and Cornflower make a perfect complement to the pink and purple Foxgloves in your garden. Match Zinnias of multiple colors with Foxgloves to create a striking combination of textures.

Plants to Avoid Combining with Foxgloves

While some flowers may at first seem attractive when matched with the Foxglove, consider that the plant grows an average of 2 to 3 feet tall. Ground covers like Creeping Phlox and Alyssum will look better as border plants or next to shorter plants. Aim for the companion flowers to be at least 8 inches tall, and your Foxgloves will look great when blended in with them.