Tips for Using a Hardwood Floor Nailer

person installing wood flooring
  • 2-200 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300

A hardwood floor nailer will help you get a professional quality hardwood floor installation. It requires little to no effort to operate and speeds up the job considerably. It will also prevent scratch marks or damage to your surface. Keep these things in mind when using a hardwood floor nailer.

1. Use the Correct Adapter Plate

A hardwood floor nailer will come with several adapter plates. These vary based on cleat size and floor thickness. Use the correct plate for your type of floor to obtain the best results.

2. Practice on Scrap Floor Pieces

If you have never used a floor nailer before you should familiarize yourself with how it works by practicing on a few scrap pieces of wood. The nailer is a powerful machine and misusing it can be both costly and dangerous. After you get the hang of how it operates you can switch to the actual floor.

3. Have a Proper Air Supply

A hardwood floor nailer works by building up an air supply that is then instantly released. This means that any leaks or improper use can lead to bad air compression and poor results.

4. Exercise Safety

Improper use can also cause injuries, so make sure you always have goggles and gloves to protect yourself. Don’t use the hardwood floor nailer to seat strips as this can damage it.