Tips For Using Baby Toy Boxes

There are several safety tips using baby toy boxes that should not be overlooked. Children are pre-disposed to be curious about everything that surrounds them. Since your baby’s toys are an integral part of their life, providing a safe storage container can help keep your child from harm when curiosity takes charge.

Safe Material

Make sure (even when providing a gorgeous wooden toy box that is a high-end piece of bedroom furniture) that the design and construction are child-friendly. It is a good idea to either build or buy wooden toy boxes that have had all the edges rounded for added protection. Plastic toy boxes also should possess rounded edges that cannot harm your child. Smooth surfaces (free from splinters) are accomplished when either a homemade or store-bought box is well protected with a hard finishing coat. Make sure all stains, paints and finishing coats are toxic-free. Any plastic toy boxes should likewise be constructed from non-toxic plastic. It is mandated by law, but you should always re-check.Sometimes if you are employing a plastic container that has not been specifically manufactured for a child, you may encounter material not suitable for your toy box.


Every year there are accidental deaths from children getting asphyxiated while trapped in an airless area like a chest, abandoned appliance and even a toy box. Make sure that the box has air holes provided or create your own. Also, the hinges attached to your toy box lid should keep it open unless a good deal of exertion closes it shut. This exertion should be well beyond what your child can produce. One of the most commonly reported injuries to children concerning toy box use is a lid that comes crashing down on a head, hand, arm or other body appendage (causing great physical harm). This is especially true for homemade toy boxes where the builder overlooks installing a safety hinge.


It is a great idea to periodically check your toy box for any signs of defect that may possibly injure your baby. A wooden toy chest is particularly susceptible to nicks and gouges that create splinters that can cause harm. Furthermore, with extended use a toy box needs to be examined to make sure all moving parts, like lids or casters, operate correctly. Additionally, it is a good idea to tighten all connections when conducting periodic cleaning and sanitizing to protect the welfare of your child.

When purchasing a new baby toy box, make sure it is recommended by a third-party reference such as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.