Tips for Using Tile Spacers

Tile spacer at the intersection of four gray tiles

Tile spacers are necessary whenever you are installing tile. Properly using the spacers will create a professional result. Use these tips for tile spacers.

Different Sizes

Tile spacers come in a variety of sizes. Everyone likes a different width when it comes to grout lines. Narrow grout lines are becoming popular because less grout means less cleaning and maintenance. Consider a narrow tile spacer if possible.

Removing Tile Spacers

Leave the tile spacers in place while the adhesive is setting. Use needle nose pliers to remove them effectively and easily.

Cardboard Spacers

Sometimes when installing tile, you will have to deal with irregularly shaped pieces or complex designs. In such circumstances, consider using cardboard as a tile spacer. Doing so will allow you to cut the cardboard into a custom size and shape.