Tips On Caring For A Wooden Chest of Drawers

Wooden chest of drawers with brass hardware
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  • Beginner
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A wooden chest of drawers is a classic look whether it's in the bedroom or any number of other locations in your home. With the right care this piece of furniture can last you for years. Here are a few tips for caring for them in a way that will extend their life.

1. Pest Control

Bugs and rodents love to snuggle up in a wooden drawer. It provides them shelter from the elements and an area to remain hidden while they create a buffet out of the wood. The best way to eliminate this problem is through prevention.

2. Cleaning Products

spraying furniture polish

For many years people were taught that you had to oil wood to keep it from splintering and degrading. This isn’t entirely true. Wood needs moisture, not oil. But using a gentle oil soap will help protect any finish the chest may have and keep it looking clean and dust free. You can use a product like Murphy’s Oil Soap to keep your chest looking clean and glistening without damaging the finish.

3. Move with Care

The more you move your chest of drawers around, the more you risk damaging it. If you must move it, place it on a snag free blanket or carpet to avoid scuffing the feet. Remove the drawers carefully prior to moving to prevent the drawers from banging around and damaging the tracks.