Creating a Secure And Level Toilet Floor Flange


It's essential that your toilet floor flange is level before you install your toilet. If you don't level the flange correctly, then it will cause your toilet to rock. A rocking toilet can lead to leaks and all sorts of other problems. Use these tips to minimize potential leaks and various other problems.

Self Leveling Compound

Self leveling compound is a wonderful flooring material because this will level itself. All you need to do is construct a frame from lumber, then pour the compound. It is similar to cement, but is much thinner, which means that it will find its own level just like water.

Sanding the Floor

If there are high spots on the floor, use an electric sander to get rid of them. Sanding concrete will take quite a lot of hard work. You will also need to change the sandpaper regularly.

Checking the Level

Continue checking the level of the floor using a spirit level and a block of wood. The block of wood can be scraped over the floor to locate high spots. Use the spirit level to confirm that the floor is perfectly level.