Tips on Growing a Moonflower Indoors Year Round

While the moonflower prefers to grow outdoors, supported by a trellis structure, they can be grown indoors. Use a support of some type, like a narrow ladder or open wall rack to control the growth of the flowering vines.

Choosing and Germinating the Seeds

Gently split the shell with a sharp knife to check each seed, choosing only those with a green seed pod inside. Soak the seeds in their shells overnight. Plant under just 1 inch of soilless potting mix, water lightly, and place in a westward-facing window for maximum sunlight.

Planting the Seedlings

When the seedlings have three leaves, they are tall enough for planting 10 centimetres apart in a drainable, wide container pot. Set the pot on a drain tray, near the support you will use. Train the vines onto it when they can reach it.  

Managing Growth

Keep the moonflower vines well watered in the pot. Add a small amount of a fertilizer such as 10-52-10 weekly as directed for container plantings. Pruning the vines will strengthen them and prolong their life on the support. Keep the vines well away from other plants and fragile objects, so the tendrils attach only where they are wanted.