Tips on Hanging a Collection of Frames

Contrary to the common belief, hanging a collection of frames is easy and could be done within hours depending on the number of picture frames that you are hanging. You can make this home improvement activity with your family and friends to create a wall memorabilia. Here are some tips on how to hang a collection of picture frames.

Choose the Right Pictures

The first step is to choose the right kind of pictures that you should hang. Choose a picture that inspires you or makes you laugh such as happy family pictures and other relevant events in your life.

Dummy Layout

Put all of the frames that you want to hang on the floor exactly how you wanted the frames hanged on the wall. Play with the layout.

Start in the Middle

When hanging a collection of frames it is best to start at the middle frame. This way, you can equally add the number of pictures to the left and right along the way.

Use Push Pins

To make sure that all your picture frames are horizontally and vertically aligned with each other use push pins. Pull a string tightly between the pins and make the necessary adjustments on the horizontal and vertical position of the frames.