Tips on Hanging Large Picture Frames

Hanging large picture frames can be a daunting task if you do not use the right hooks and other materials. Here are some tips on hanging large picture frames.


Decide the location of your large picture frames. The location should be balanced with any existing objects around the wall. Do not hang large picture frames next to very small picture frames. If you are hanging a series of large picture frames make sure that the wall area is large enough to accommodate the large frames that you are hanging. If you want to hang one large picture frame and make it as your primary wall design piece, remove all existing objects hanged on the wall.

Find the Center

Begin with the middle large frame first when hanging 3 or more large picture frames. With a tape measure, determine the width of the wall space and mark the center spot with a pencil. The mark should also be within your eye level.

Use the Right Hooks

When hanging large picture frames, make sure to use a heavy duty hook that can carry the weight of your large picture frames. Using a small hook on a large picture frame always leads to disaster.