Tips on Staining Metal Furniture

While the style of metal furniture that you obtain may be ideal for your home, there are occasions when it can be improved by changing the color. Applying stain is a process that can also be undertaken if the furniture is looking a little tired and needs updating. By incorporating some tips during the staining process, you will find that it does not take a significant amount of work to achieve the desired result.

1 - Clean

To ensure that the stain applied to metal furniture takes properly, it is essential to clean it first. This will also ensure that the surface is smooth, which will make a perfect starting point to apply stain. Use a cleaning solution that is suitable for metal but that does not leave any residue. Thoroughly dry the surface with clean rags after completing this. During the cleaning process, it is also prudent to take the opportunity to examine the furniture for any defects that may be present, which need repair.

2 - Prepare

In addition to preparing the metal furniture to accept the stain, it is also important to prepare yourself. The substances used for the process can often contain harmful chemicals, which will necessitate overalls, gloves and a face mask. Make sure these are worn throughout. If it is not possible to work outside, use newspapers or a drop cloth to protect the floor beneath the furniture. The furniture must be prepared with an application of primer, which will ensure the stain adheres properly and evenly. The primer can be applied with a paintbrush, in a thin even coat. Drip marks can be avoided by only taking up a small quantity of the liquid onto the paintbrush at any one time. Two coats will be sufficient, with the first coat being allowed to dry for at least an hour and a half before proceeding with the next. It must also be allowed to dry before moving onto the next step.

3 - Apply Stain

Gel stains are one of the best options to use with metal furniture due to the ease in which they can be applied. Gather some of the gel onto a clean dry cloth and use it to apply the gel to the surface of the furniture. Spread it evenly using a small circular motion, making sure that there is not too much overlap. Once the entire surface is complete, allow the stain to remain in place for at least half an hour.

4 - Finish

The metal furniture will then need to be buffed to remove the excess stain and even it out. This will give you the opportunity to see the end color of the furniture, which will enable you to apply another coat of stain if it is not as desired. Buff the furniture by rubbing it with a soft dry cloth. A protective layer can then be applied by way of a sealant. This will not only prevent color transfer from the stain, but will also limit the damage it receives from scratches and dings. This can be found in the form of a spray, which will make it easy to apply. The first coat should be left to dry for at least half an hour before the second is applied.