Tips to Buy the Right RV Washer Dyer

RVs with laundry hanging on a clothesline

An RV washer dryer allows the convenience of washing and drying your clothes while in your RV. If you are considering installing a washer-dryer in your RV, consider the advice and tip below before you make your purchase.

Know Your Choices

Some RV users purchase the apartment sized, stacking washing and dryer set. Most, however, still prefer to use the smaller, RV style of unit that combines the washer and dryer in one. There are many units to choose from which include venting and other essential features.

Measure the Desired Space

Be sure to measure the closet you'd like your unit to be in prior to your purchase. There is no standard size of a washer-dryer unit for an RV and you will not want to buy a unit only to have it not fit in the desired space.

Support for Machines

If you choose a stacking model, you will need to install a shelf to hold the dryer. Additionally, if your rig is not set up for a washer/dryer, you’ll need the required plumbing, regardless of whether you choose a combo or a stacking unit. You’ll also need electrical outlets that can support 15 amps for washer only and 20 amps for dryer or combo unit. Also note that stacking units as well as vented combo units need a dryer vented to the outdoors.