Tips to Remove Plaster to Expose a Brick Facade

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If you want to upgrade the look of an old wall and remove the plaster to expose a brick façade underneath, a few tips can save time or better your safety. Over the years it has gotten less popular to have a layer of plaster over a brick wall. Here are a few tips to help you remove plaster from a brick wall.

Safety is Paramount

When you remove plaster from a brick wall there will be a lot of dust, so you need to wear protection for your eyes and a breathing mask for your mouth and nose. Have several masks, as they could get clogged during the job if the dust is heavy. You should also wear work gloves to protect your hands. The tools you will be using are sharp and you could get cut or scratched.

Use Plenty of Water to Keep Dust down

You can help keep down the plaster dust by spraying the plaster with water before and during removing plaster from the wall. Do this periodically as you go through the job. You have to be very careful not to breathe in the dust, as it is not good for your lungs.

Put down Plastic or Old Blankets

Before you begin your project to remove plaster from a brick façade, you should put plastic around the area and on the floor. Old blankets hung up may also help block some of the dust. This is a very messy job, so be sure to remove all the furniture or other items, and take objects off walls, or they will get covered in plaster dust. This will help contain a lot of the potential mess and make clean up much easier.

Avoid Flying Pieces of Plaster

You will be using a chisel to remove plaster, so be aware that pieces can fly out unexpectedly. Be sure to keep your safety goggles on at all times.

Be careful when Picking up the Leftover Plaster

Another thing to remember when getting ready to remove plaster from a brick wall is that if you put all the broken plaster in a trash bag, the bag could get rather heavy. Be careful picking it up so you don’t strain your back. It’s better to use a wheelbarrow if you think you will have a large amount of plaster to haul away.

Make a Hole All the Way to the Brick First

It may be easier to remove plaster from your brick wall façade if you first chip a hole all the way to the brick in one location. Then you can use your hammer, chisel, or other tools and chip around the hole. This makes it come off faster and easier because the inner part of the old plaster is a pink color and you can tell where it ends and the brick starts.