What Is a Toe Kick?

A kitchen.

A toe kick is a recess or indentation at the bottom of a base cabinet. These are most often found in kitchens. The toe kick provides a place for the feet of a person leaning against the countertop above the cabinets.

This small amount of space provides much needed leverage in standing close to a cabinet. If you were to try to stand close to a wall with your toes against it, you can easily see why a toe kick is an important feature in the installation of cabinets.

Toe Kick use for Heating or Cooling Elements

In the designing of a kitchen, it is good to consider the toe kick as a place to hide a small heating or cooling duct vent. The toe kick is shadowed by the overhang of the cabinets, and the vent itself can be made the same color as the toe kick. This disguises the heating or cooling element vent, helping it to blend nicely with the room.