How to Remove a Toilet


If you're thinking about changing the look of your toilet, you will first need to learn about toilet removal. Replacing your toilet is a great start to changing the look of your bathroom, and it's not a project that needs to be left to a professional. You can easily finish this project by yourself with the help of a friend. In the steps below, you will find how to remove your old toilet with ease so that replacing it is just as simple.

Turn the Water Off

Turn the water off. Make sure the water at the supply lines is turned off all the way before moving onto the next step.

Let the Water Out

Remove all water from the bowl and the tank before you remove any part of the toilet. Do so by flushing the toilet multiple times until the water is gone. To avoid overflow, you may want to manually operate the flapper valve.

Make Sure It's All Gone

Using a plunger, plunge excess water down. Using a rubber gloved hand, use a sponge to remove any remaining water from the tank and bowl.

Working Inside

Remove the supply line from the fill valve inside the tank.

Detach the Tank From the Bowl

Detach the tank from the bowl by removing the wing nuts which connect them. After removing the wing nuts, you can simply lift the tank off the bowl and move it out of the way.

Remove the Caps

Locate the caps on the base of the toilet and remove them. Doing so will unveil the bolts that connect the bowl to the flange in the floor. Remove the bolts. If corrosion is present, there are a couple of things you can use to make it easier to remove. Use a lubricant such as WD-40 to aid in removing it. Another way is to cut or grind the nuts.

Break the Caulk Seal

Use a utility knife to cut along the edging of the caulk at the base of the toilet.


Simply lift the bowl, rocking it back and forth and breaking it free from any sealant that may be left.

Preventing Odor

Stuff rags into the existing hole from where you removed the bowl to prevent sewer gas from leaking into the area where you are working.

You're Ready to Replace

That's it. The old bowl is gone, and it's ready for some change. Replace your new toilet and give yourself a hand.