Toilet Seat Repair: How to Mend Cracks

Toilet Seat Repair is a simple process that will save you money. Cracks can be caused by moisture getting into the wood or general wear and tear. However, you can repair these cracks without having to replace the entire toilet seat.

Removing the Toilet Seat

Begin by completely unscrewing the damaged toilet seat from the toilet. You will not be able to repair it properly unless it has been removed. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the seat from the bowl.

Repairing the Cracks

Wood glue is available from most hardware stores. Purchase the type that is available in a dispenser with a nozzle. To repair a crack, you will need to first pry the crack open a little. Insert some wood glue into the crack with the nozzle of the dispenser. Make sure you wipe away any excess glue immediately.

Once you have inserted the glue you will need to clamp the crack closed. Again if any excess glue comes out of the crack wipe it away immediately. Leave the clamp on the toilet seat until the wood glue has completely dried, preferably over night. Finally remove the clamp from the toilet seat.

Fitting the Toilet Seat

Finally re-install the toilet seat using a screwdriver and it should be as good as new.