Toilet Seat Size Selection

A toilet seat.

Although there is a standard toilet seat size that can be purchased over the counter at most hardware stores, this will not be suitable if you have a modern-style bathroom that has an unusual-shaped toilet bowl. Under these circumstances, you will need to apply some thought regarding your requirements to ensure that you select the correct size.


The toilet seat size will not usually be a consideration when you purchase a new bathroom suite as one will be provided as part of the package. The style and quality will depend on the type of suite and the supplier of it. However, if you want to add a different toilet seat, the dimensions of the existing toilet should be noted before purchase to ensure that it will fit properly.

If the shape of the toilet seat is anything other than the standard oval one and you don’t know where to start in looking for a replacement, begin at the place where it was originally purchased. Ensure that the distance between the holes in the toilet bowl and the position where the fasteners will be fitted match up properly.


The parts required to fit a seat to a toilet bowl will often be standard and are available to purchase separately if necessary. Although the relevant fasteners will usually be included when you purchase a toilet seat, extras may be required if any suffer damage as this can affect the stability of the seat. The fixtures should include nuts, bolts, and a seat hinge block. The seat and the corresponding lid come attached to make up one item and, though they are two components, they should be securely attached to each other.


Specialist styles will affect toilet seat size so their use must be taken into account. If your home has a bathroom that is solely used by the children in your home, consider a toilet seat size that is smaller than average. The overall size of these toilet seats is large enough to fit the toilet bowl but the diameter of the hole within it is reduced. This will make the toilet more comfortable for small children to use and prevent them from falling in.

In a home where elderly or disabled people reside, a specialized toilet seat that is designed to make the toilet easier to use should be considered. This type of seat can be raised so that the person has a shorter distance to travel. Similarly, it can be padded to provide additional comfort, which is constructed by covering the foam with a thick vinyl that can be wiped clean.


Toilet seat size can be affected where additional components are added to make it more comfortable. Using a toilet seat cover can increase the surface area which will often prevent the lid from sitting in place properly. Thin covers with the purpose of acting as a barrier between your skin and cold plastic will not cause this problem. A padded toilet seat that has been manufactured in this way will have a lid that takes this into account.