Tongue and Groove Siding vs Wood Lap Siding

If you are trying to decide between wood lap and tongue and groove siding there are a few things that you may want to consider to help you make that choice. Here is a quick guide to help.

Installation Process

The installation process for both tongue and groove siding and wood lap siding is pretty simple. Between the two different designs, however, wood lap siding is a little harder to install. The reason for this is that the pieces need to be overlapped over each other, while the tongue and groove siding just needs to be slipped together.


Both of these materials are easy to maintain and should be wiped down every few weeks. The wood lap siding may be a little harder because some of the panels overlap, so you need to get under them to clean thoroughly. Nonetheless, these can typically just be sprayed down with water if need be.


Both of these materials are rather inexpensive. You can find them in a plain wood—which is more affordable, but you can also get a variety of different types of woods as well, like redwood, pine, oak and white fir.