Tool Gift Guide

japanese two sided hand saw cutting a block of wood
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  • Beginner
  • 20-2,000

From stocking stuffers to substantial equipment, tools are the gift-giving answer for every homeowner and hobbyist on your list. Not only do tools offer a lifetime of assistance for the DIYer in your life, but they are ideal for crafters, gardeners, and even the hard-to-buy for grandparents and teens.

The Workshop Enthusiast

For the man or woman in your life who loves to spend time in the workshop, it might be hard to imagine what he or she doesn’t already have. Even those who are well-supplied will love upgrades and conveniences.

Pick up a Japanese saw, a general tool that makes quick work of shaving the bottom off door trim during flooring projects, and serves myriad other wood cutting needs.

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Those who enjoy working in the shop, whether that means woodworking, metalworking, mechanics, or other projects, will love tools that make the job easier. Consider the RAK Universal Socket Grip, which skips multiple attachment changes in order to remove hardware from a variety of projects. For just over $100, the Rockwell Jawhorse is a sawhorse that serves multiple functions, from clamping to supporting a range of projects.

RAK Universal Socket Grip

Lighting is always in short supply in the workshop, so invest in an overhead light, project light, or flexible light to illuminate the work at hand. A magnetic flashlight is two tools in one and makes it much easier to retrieve bolts and screws dropped into tight places.


car safety kit

If you have a newer driver on your holiday gift list, put together a car kit for safety and convenience. In addition to a warm blanket and emergency light, include a basic tool kit with sockets, screwdrivers, and jumper cables.

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New Homeowner

reciprocating saw cutting wood board

With the purchase of a home comes the realization that the landlord is no longer making the needed repairs. Give the new homeowner a start with a quality, lightweight hammer, tool belt, socket set, cordless drill, handsaws, jigsaw, circular saw, miter saw, reciprocating saw, multimeter, level, or clamps for when projects arise.

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If the new homeowner has the basics covered, but is planning renovations and remodels, stock them up on power sanders of all sizes, a compact air compressor, brad gun or nail gun, caulking gun, framing square, ladder, paint gun, or rolling tool cabinet.


Black & Decker Alligator Loppers

The gardener on your gift list likely already has shovels, rakes, and maybe even a power edger, but there are myriad gadgets to make the job easier and more fun. The Black & Decker Alligator Loppers are one example of a next-generation lopper that will make cutting branches easy and efficient. Couple that with a nice pair of gloves and remember the safety glasses.

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For the a supersized gift, look into a Tertill robotic weeding machine. It’s solar powered and automated so it works regular hours even when no one else is in the garden.


solar panels

The eco-conscious person on your gift list will appreciate your attention to their concerns. Avoid excess packaging when selecting tools for the environmentalist, especially plastic and styrofoam. Solar-powered tools are a great choice. Check out lighting sets for pathways and decorations around the grilling station. Consider solar panels, heaters, air purifiers, and chargers.

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If solar options don’t fit the bill, go with manual options. Environmentalists are willing to put in more effort to avoid consuming energy, water, and other resources. For example, go with a push mower instead of a gas-powered lawn mower.

Match the tool with the person’s hobby by giving nice fabric scissors or rotary cutter to the seamstress, an Exacto knife or glass cutter to the crafter, and a long-lasting hand pruner to the gardener.

Alternately, purchase tools that rely on rechargeable batteries rather than gas and oil. Leaf blowers, edgers, lawn mowers, vacuums, chainsaws and more are all commonly found with a cordless option.

Sports Enthusiast

LighterBro Lighter Sleeve Multi-tool

Tool sets come in all shapes and sizes so there’s really no reason to be unprepared. Pick up a small ratchet/socket set for the road or mountain biker on your list. Multi-tools, especially strong and lightweight options, are perfect for the backpacker you know. The LighterBro Lighter Sleeve Multi-tool is perfect for anyone, combining a lighter with a micro-screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, and a knife.

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